Nikita Women's Chickita 146 Snowboard

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    Attention girls! Here comes the valuable and extremely attractive Nikita Chickita 146 cm Snowboard. Due to all the nice features and the technology you´ll have a lot of fun with it and the boarder boys will go green with envy. You´ll get the ideal mix of flexibility and pop for the ultimate park board feeling. The rocker and the directional twin shape make it easy to maneuver for lighter riders and it will float on the powder. Take that board and enjoy the feeling of freedom. Nikita - for girls who ride!

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  • Fahrlevel:
  • Körpergewicht:
  • Bend: Camber
    Sidecut: Twin
    Flex: Twin
    Länge: 146 cm
    Breite Mitte: 23,50 cm
    Radius: 6,39 m
    Lochstich: 5x2 Stainless Steel Inserts
    Snowboardkern: WDT - Jib Tech Core
    Belag: high density extruded base, wax infused
    Kante: 360 degree metal edges. These full wrap edges are the strongest way to put metal edges in a snowboard
    Feel: 6