Burton Working Stiff Snowboard 154

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    Enter a new dimension of floatation and freedom on a board that defies convention by blending a powerful nose with a playful tail.
    When snowboarders in the ’70s conjured up visions of the future of board design, they might have imagined something like the Burton Working Stiff. Where most freeride shapes achieve their floaty characteristics through width, taper and a setback stance, this experiment-turned-reality defies convention. A thick nose stiffens the front end, allowing it to skip across the snow, while Filet-O-Flex tech in the tail maintains the kind of agility you’d expect from a swallowtail. Hand shaped at Craig’s Proto Facility in Burlington, Vermont.

    Farbe: Siehe Foto

    Bend: Directional Camber

    Shape: Directional

    Flex: Directional

    Länge: 154cm (116,5cm effektive Kantenlänge)

    Breite Nose: 305,4mm

    Breite Mitte : 256mm

    Breite Tail: 285,4mm

    Radius: 8m

    CORE: FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core, Dualzone EGD

    FIBERGLASS: Triax Fiberglass

    BASE: Recycled Sintered WFO Base

    MOUNTING: The Channel
    Sonstige Features:
    + Filet-o-Flex
    + Super Sap Epoxy
    + Infinite Ride
    + Swallow Tail
    + ReRez

    Farben der Board Unterseite können variieren!


    154 cm
    Breite Vorne:
    30,5 cm
    Breite Mitte:
    25,6 cm
    Breite Hinten:
    28,5 cm