DC PLY 147 Snowboard

Artikelnummer: ADYSB00019-MUL-147


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    The skate-style feel of Lock & Load camber coupled with the pressable flex of a Biax glass lay-up makes the Ply our most popular board. Fresh collab graphics from photoraoher Vincent Skoglund turn their topsheets into works of art.

    Farbe: Siehe Abbildung / See Image; Farbrotation auf der Base
  • Fahrlevel:
  • Körpergewicht:
  • Bend: Lock & Load Camber + 6
    Sidecut: Twin
    Flex: Twin 6 / 10
    Länge: 147 cm
    Breite Vorne: 29,03 cm
    Breite Mitte: 24,60 cm
    Breite Hinten: 29,03 cm
    Radius: 6,3 m
    Lochstich: 4 x 4
    Snowboardkern: Stratus Core
    Fiberglas / Karboneinlagen: Bi-Ax
    Sonstige Features: Tear The Roof Off; Radius 2 Flat
    Belag: True Base
    Kante: By taking 3° of angle off the traditional 90° edge, advantage is gained for both beginners, who get a forgiving, catch-free ride, as well as expert riders looking for a board that´s jib-ready right out of the wrapper.
    Feel: 07. Okt