GNU Psych Blue

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The Psych is the first model to use our ultra-lightweight aluminum baseplate for solid edge-to-edge response. This makes it the perfect binding for the park and relaxed cruising in the area. Soft, flat highbacks allow plenty of lateral freedom of movement and ensure a particularly smooth ride. Along with the asymmetrical ankle straps, the range of motion becomes even greater without losing lateral support. So you still have full control on a supersmoot ride, in the park as well as slush surfing. With the Psych you are guaranteed gestoked!

Colour: Blue

Highback: Reclining Highback - Rear Entry Advantage

Straps: Auto Open Ankle Strap - Opens Auto MAGICALLY!

Gnu’s unique speed entry binding system is the ultimate in performance, speed, ease and comfort. Fits any snowboard boot. Set your bindings up once and one lever gets you in and out with amazing ease all season long. Enjoy more time riding and smiling and less time fiddling and sitting. Hit the pressure release button in the lift line for max comfort and circulation as you float up to the top for another epic run... Unreal Bindings

Flex Rating: Medium

Other Features:
+ Auto Lever - Simplified Entry
+ Cable Redirection - Unimpeded Movement

Size Chart: M(6-9); L(9-11); XL(12-14)

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