Red Womens Impact Shorts

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    Sometimes that trick goes awry. You know, the Backside 720 that you knew you could hit but something happened this time to cause a spill? With the RED Impact Shorts it will be extremely easier to stand up, wipe the snow off yourself and continue down the halfpipe like nothing happened. These snowboarding pads, designed specifically for the female form with its Stealth Padding Design and surf style. not only looks good but will protect you during a minor or major fall. Outfitted with Ergonomic Padding, a waist tie to tighten it up and a fully modular and removable armor, wear the pads will keep you safe out there. Wear the RED Impact Shorts.


    Fully Modular and Removable Armor
    Sonstige Features:
    Women's Specific Design and Fit; Stealth Padding Design; Ergonomic Padding; Waist Tie; Surf Style Shorts