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Combining the subtle surfy feel of micro-rocker in the tip and tail, with the responsive pop you get from traditional camber under foot, this Hybrid Twin offers the max in versatility and stability. Now upgraded with ladies specific Pop Rods® 2.0 core in addition to Ride's proven Slimewalls® sidewall and Cleave Edge™ steel, for a smooth durable ride. Built for ladies charging the park, this board will have you shouting from the mountaintop, "OMG, this board is GR8 - it is my new BFF, <3, MHOTY Ride!"

Einige unserer Snowboards-Bases (Unterseite des Boards) haben eine Farbrotation - das heißt die Farben können vertauscht/umgekehrt sein. Das hilft der Umwelt durch Reduzierung von Müll in der Produktion.
Farbe: Siehe Abbildung
Bend: Hybrid Twin: This twin shape features micro-rocker in the tip and tail and a level micro-camber zone between the feet.
Sidecut: Twin / Centred
Flex: Twin
Lochstich: 2 x 4
Snowboardkern: NEW! LSD Pop Rods® 2.0 Core: LSD Pop Rods® 2.0 feature a unique shape for the Ladies as they taper in thickness to place more carbon closer to the inserts and less carbon towards the tip and/or tail. This enables ladies to pop with ease onto features and smaller transitions, but retain maximum carbon fiber when needed on bigger kickers and in the pipe.
Sonstige Features: Hybrid Glass; Top Sheet: Standard
Belag: Fusion 4000 Base™
Kante: Cleave Edge™
Seitenwange: Slimewalls®- flexible and resistant sidewall technolog
Construction: Thin Con
Feel: 4
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