SP Fastec FT360 Snowboard Bindung Black 2024

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This years latest addition to the lineup is our all new FT360 model.

Our classic FT270 has evolved, equipped with the all new ultralight 2-zone urethane anklestrap, making it even lighter and more durable than ever before.

Flip the strap upside down to switch the upper and lower stiffness levels and optimize it to your personal needs.

Combined with our ERGO X Highback there‘s not much more you will be looking for in that banging price range.



- Ft4 base
- Ergo X highback
- Ultralight ankle strap
- Light toe strap


Größentabelle: S (US 4 - US 7); M (US 6 - US 10); L (US 8 - US 12); XL (US 11- US 14)

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