Union Falcor Reflective Silver 2022

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The biggest lines and the steepest spines... there's only one binding that Travis Rice will trust when he straps in. The Union Falcor is the best of both worlds, Forged Carbon carving power + Fused Vaporlite dampening provide a riding experience unlike anything else on the market. Lightweight, responsive, shock-absorbing and designed by the man himself - Trust Travis.

Colour: Reflective Silver

Baseplate: Stage 6 - Duraflex CB

Highback: Falcor - Forged Hybrid 2.0

Heelcup: extruded 3d aluminum

- Ankle: Exoframe 5.0
- Toe: TS-4.0+

Buckels: Magnesium S1 with Aluminium Base

Flex Rating: hard

Other Features:
+ Fused Vaporlite + Bushing
+ Classic FLAD
+ grade 8.8 steel Hardware
+ Canting
+ Tool-less Strap Adjust
+ Mini Disk (for 4x2 and EST)

Size Chart: S(6-7,5); M(8-10); L(10,5+)