VonZipper Feenom NLS

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The next level of the VZ goggle syndicate, the Feenom N.L.S. made its bones by accommodating a medium to large size face. This on-snow wiseguy has been made untouchable with a dual anti-fog spherical lens for increased visual acuity. Integrated helmet hinges designed for comfort with or without helmet, and forward venting through the frame and lens. The ultra-wide peripheral visions and triple density contoured face foam give you the fit of one to be respected and feared.
Ergonomic frame design. Thermo-polyurethane injection molded frame. 100% UV protection. Oversized dual spherical polycarbonate lens. Extended peripheral vision. Forward venting for maximum air flow. Glaricade anti-fog and hard coated lens. Polar fleece lined, triple density face foam. Dual adjustable strap. Articulating helmet hinge. Dual sleeve microfiber bag. Internal light damaging texture.
Farbe: Black Satin / Fire Chrome
Features: + Ergonomic Frame Design
+ Thermo-Polyurethane Injection Molded Frame
+ 100% UV Protection
+ Oversize Spherical Polycarbonate Lens
+ Extended Peripheral Vision
+ Glaricade Anti-Fog and Hard Coated Lens
+ Forward Venting for max Airflow
+ Polar Fleece Lined.Triple density Facefoam
+ Dual Adjustable Strap

+ Articulating Helmet Hinge
+ Dual Sleeve Microfiber Bag
+ Internal Light Dampening Texture
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