VonZipper Jetpack + Spare Lens

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A combination of Space-age technology and popular science, the JetPack goggle lens propulsion unit. You'll blast off to infinity and beyond with the ease and quickness of the 4 Play lens change system that's connected to a rimless frame made of Thermo-polyurethane for ultimate field of vision and telemetry. Triple density face foam for moisture wicking and comfort allow this unit to be easily worn with or without a helmet. All of the ground-based engineers will be amazed when you fly by in this personal jet device.

Farbe: Rahmen: Black Santin; Glas: Fire Chrome
Zweit Glas: Yellow Lens

- Ergonomic Frame Design

- Thermo-Polyurethane Injection Molded Frame

- 100% UV Protection

- Oversized Spherical Polycarbonate Lens

- Maximum Peripheral Vision

- 4 Play Lens Interchange System

- Glaricade Super Anti-Fog and Hard Coated Lens

- Polar Fleece Lined.Triple density Facefoam

- Dual Adjustable Strap

- Helmet Compatible

- Dual Sleeve Microfiber Bag

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