GNU Street

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Colour: Red
Baseplate: FT-4 Baseplate - The FT-4 baseplate wedge design creates a predictable yet lively response, and transmits input with precision to get you and your board where you need to be.
Highback: FT-3 Aysm Highback - Hyper cored highback is in ergonomic alignment with your lower leg for increased power and control.
Straps: Thin Fit Toe Strap; Asym Inverted Tri-Panel Ankle Strap
Buckles: Micro Buckle - With the Micro Buckle, a rider can easily adjust strap tension on the go.
Cushioning: EVA Foam Footbed - Full cushion heel to toe
Response / Flex: 5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)
Other Features: 4 and 3 hole compatible disc
Size Chart: S: US 4-7; M: US7-10; L: US 10-12
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