Ride Alter Ego Snowboard

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I don't want to get too serious about this snowboard, but you what…I'm sayin' it. I just don't think it's right for a snowboard to be two things! Boards are created as powder board or as boards that will perform on hardpack, and you can't go switching back and forth like some sort of SplitTailer! You can't just "surf through the deep stuff" all morning and then "rip fat carves down the groomers" all afternoon. You buy a board for ONE purpose and when get that undeniable urge to change boards, you go into the lodge and borrow a tool to mount your second choice. It's not always pretty, but that is how it's done. I propose we station good, hard-charging snowboarders to every mountain resort and we aim to expose these SplitTailers. Now if you excuse me, there's a long, perfect pipe at my local resort just begging to be ridden hard.



Farbe: Siehe Foto

Bend: Directional Hybrid Rocker

Sidecut: Directional

Flex: Medium

Inserts: 2x4

Snowboardkern: Performance Core

Fiberglas / Carbon:
+ Hybrid Glass
+ Carbon Slimewalls
+ Roll In Slimewalls
+ Carbon Array Laminates

Belag: Sinterd Base

Kante: Standard Edge (Rockwell 48 C.)
Sonstige Features:
+ Thin Con
+ Impact Plates
+ Wood Veneer

Einige unserer Snowboards-Bases (Unterseite des Boards) haben eine Farbrotation - das heißt die Farben können vertauscht/umgekehrt sein. Das hilft der Umwelt durch Reduzierung von Müll in der Produktion.
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