Ride Revolt

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    The Revolt is one radical freestyle binding. By "radical" we mean that it is a totally hip and extreme" binding that features the 100% Aluminum Edge Chassis System with an adjustable heelcup and lifetime warranty. But the Revolt is also "radical" in the sense that it is all about "binding reform" with its updated Revolt highback design that provides a chatter-free ride compared to the plastic highbacks that oppress your snowboard performance. The Revolt is also all about freedom and healthcare for all. Freedom of movement in your ability to tweak and poke your freestyle moves thanks to the soft-flexing urethane Slimeback. Wedgie footbeds are provided to all Revolt Supporters for better leverage to pop off your nose and tail, but also to help avoid stress and remain injury-free by putting your knees in a more ergonomically correct position. The Revolt is so revolutionary that someday soon, there will be hacky-sack playing teens wearing tie-dye shirts with pictures of the Revolt sporting a little beard and a beret. It's that revolutionary.

    Farbe: Grey

    Grundplatte: Aluminum Edge™ Chassis mit EVA Basepad

    Highback: Slimeback™ DE

    Straps: ThinGripPlus™ Toe Strap, NEUER Freestyle Asym Ankle Strap

    Schnallen: AstroGlyde™ LT Ratschen

    Flex Rating: 5

    Sonstige Features:
    + Wedgie™ Fussbett
    + Forged Aluminium Micro-Disc

    Größen Tabelle: M(36,5-42); L(40,5-46); XL(44,5-50)