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    The National is Rome's new kill-it-all design powered by our modern take on positive camber. The new generation of full-mountain exploration vehicles, it's designed for riders like Bjorn who want the power, the response, and the flexibility to charge the whole mountain. From chutes and corduroy, to big drops and a few park laps, the National is dialed or a full day at Snowbird, Jackson, Stowe or St. Anton. The Fusion Camber is an evolution of the timeless power of camber, combined with targeted areas of rocker to help lay ruts effortlessly.


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  • Bend: Fusion Camber - Positive camber through most of the running length. A small amount of rocker starts just before the end of the running length. When loaded with rider energy, the contact points "roll back" giving the tip and tail a small amount of added rise.

    Sidecut: Directional Twin

    Flex: Directional Twin

    Lochstich: 12 pack A

    Snowboardkern: SuperPop Core Matrix

    Fiberglas / Carbon: 45/90 Hybrid Laminate; TurboRods - Carbon Single Barrel

    Belag: SinterSpeed

    Farbe: Siehe Abbildung

    Sonstige Feature: TurboRods - Carbon Single Barrel

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