Salomon Sickstick Snowboard

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    Ob Pulver- oder Pappschnee, das Sickstick ist das Board in der Kollektion, das einfach alles kann. Cross Profile für Kantenperformance und Taper Shape für ein Gleiten wie auf Kissen. Mit einem Bambus ABC-Wrapper für legendäre Ollies und Turns ist dieses berühmt-berüchtigte Board nichts für schwache Nerven. Bei diesem Alleskönner mit Artwork von Geoff McFedtridge fragt sich jeder, ob er seiner würdig ist.

    Einige unserer Snowboards-Bases (Unterseite des Boards) haben eine Farbrotation - das heißt die Farben können vertauscht/umgekehrt sein. Das hilft der Umwelt durch Reduzierung von Müll in der Produktion.


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  • Fahrlevel:
  • Bend:
    CROSS PROFILE - Camber between the feet for better control, pop and landing stability and Rocker on tip & tail for effortless floatation forward and switch.
    Directional Twin: TAPERED TWIN - What makes the Sick Stick ride so well in Pow and hardpack, is the tapered twin shape. Stance is centered within the effective edge while the tail is pulled in slightly to help with floatation.
    Medium - Medium flex is adapted to riders that need to feel good on each type of terrain, for each type of practice.
    4 x 4
    GHOST GREEN CORE - Ghost Green Core components have been selected and designed to optimize pop and reduce weight while utilizing sustainable attributes of a super light polawania wood; BAMBOO + CORK RAILS - The liveliness of Bamboo mixed with cork composite, for the best direct feel and dampening ride in the industry.
    Fiberglas / Carbon:
    BA MD - Biaxial Medium Density fiberglass - EQ RAD - Equalizer and Radial lines blended together for the perfect balance of agility and fun
    SINTERED EG - Engineered for a super fast glide in everything from fresh pow to sticky spring snow. Sintered material provides superior wax retention, Gallium strengthens impact resistance and the Electra finish gives a turbocharged glid; FINE STONE FINISH - Our fine stone finish is particularly efficient on our Sintered EG base, speed up in powder or softer snow conditions.
    ALL MOUNTAIN EDGE BEVEL - From detuning the tip and tail to a 1-degree edge holding tune throughout the key parts of the sidecut, back to a 2 degree bevel between the feet. This delivers the most solid edge hold with no hang-ups.
    Sonstige Feature:

    + FLOAT - Sickstick shape providing 10-12mm of taper keeping you on top of fresh snow.

    + ABC WRAPPER - Wrap it More pop, less plastic! ABC Wrapper is a patented process using structural bamboo veneers to reduce fiberglass and resin content in each board by 40%. Traditional ABS sidewalls get the axe ? replaced instead by waterproof Bamboo rods.

    + QUADRATIC - A blend of elliptic curves for easy turn initiation, effortless direction changes and fluid edge to edge transitions

    + BAMBOO + CORK RAILS - The liveliness of Bamboo mixed with cork composite, for the best direct feel and dampening ride in the industry.

    + POPSTER - Poppy Maximize the natural snap and powerful pop of wood with Popster's shaped core profile. Feels like your skateboard kicktail finally connected with your snowboard.