Rome Stale Crewzer Snowboard 2024

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Ståle’s choice for park laps and daily driver performance

Designed by Ståle Sandbech as his daily driver, the Stale Crewzer has quickly become a staple for team riders, shop kids and anyone who wants a one board quiver.

This directional twin throws down in the park but is a real beast on the steeps thanks to the versatile performance of our Fusion Camber profile.

The Stale Crewzer features our all-new Flax Impact Plates for additional impact absorption and increased durability.



- FUSION CAMBER : Positive camber with small pockets of rocker at the contact points; the modern go-to for all-mountain performance.

- DIRECTIONAL TWIN : Boards designed with slightly longer noses than tails, but with both symmetrical sidecuts and symmetrical camber profiles.



- FLAX IMPACT PLATES: New Flax Impact Plates absorb impact and increase durability.

- TRIAX GLASS: Fiberglass running in three different axes, built for torsionally rigidity and added snap.

- POP CORE: Our most versatile and durable core, built with alternating strips of 20mm strips of poplar and 20mm strips of paulownia.

- SINTERSTRONG BASE: The new go-to, this hardworking base is easy to fix with great wax retention. A low maintenance daily driver for riders of all ability levels.

- FLAX WALLS: New Flax Walls has advanced impact absorption properties or the ability to create rigidity and strengthen specific regions of a board.


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